June Newsletter #Brookes21stBirthdayCelebration

Today would have been Brooke's 21st Birthday.  As you can imagine, it has been an emotional day for us, her family. We had decided a couple of weeks ago to turn this day into what Brooke would of wanted. Brooke loved parties. She loved her family. She loved celebrating her birthdays. #Brookes21stBirthdayCelebratioin!

As I was working on the graphics for today, I was speaking to a friend of ours about how exhausted I was. She came back without skipping a beat and said to me, “throwing a party is exhausting. But that’s what you do. You throw parties and that’s what Brooke would of wanted. Ms. Melissa planning a party for her”.

Her father and I think we have accomplished that party for her. We have decided that her birthday celebration should continue all weekend. Considering her 21st birthday falls on a Friday night, she would have been celebrating all weekend herself!! 

We hope you enjoy these memories as much as we have.

We love you Brooke. We miss the heck out of you. We know you are with us everyday. We will continue to keep you with us and spreading your love for children! #BrookesActsofKindness #SwimforBrooke

All of our love- Melissa, bonus mom & Ernest, Daddy Direction