Thank you so much for making Christmas Smiles a success! Our goal this year was to provide 41 Brooke’s Kindness Bags to the children of Camp Hope, a program for children ages 7-17 with the New Orleans Family Justice Center. With our Amazon Wish List and donation platform, we were able to raise over $1,465 for these awesome children.

We could not have done this without some fantastic partners. Nola Boards gifted 35 wooden activities for the smaller children. MiSew Sweet gifted Saints & LSU hair bows, cute id wallets and key fobs.

Thank you to the Moisant Kiwanis Club for being a huge part of our Bags this year.

We offered a special donation of $50 to sponsor a bag for a child. We had 6 sponsors this year and worked out perfectly for the 6 teen boys on the list. These wonderful sponsors are Lynn Winfield, (3) Someone who cares, and (2) in memory of Walker Beery! We were able to provide gift cards, bluetooth speakers and a book as additions to our bags along with other items donated.

On Saturday, December 11, 2022, we filled BKB with some amazing volunteers. Moisant Kiwanis Club and some BEPF team members arrived at 9 am and knocked out 41 bags in two hours!

Camp Hope held a holiday party for their children on December 21, 2022. The following message was received that night.

“I just want to say thank you so much for your gift of generosity. The kids were so excited. Their smiles were from ear to ear. One parent said, 'This bag is hope for my children because this may be the only thing under the tree’. So much was happening today that I didn't get many pics. But they were so happy. One kid said, ‘Oh we get something!’. They were just so excited!!! I truly thank you!!” Keva with Camp Hope

Again, thank you to everyone who donated, gifted and/or volunteered!